For Photographers

Why Educate/Mentor?
We get a lot of questions from fellow photographers, and we absolutely love to help out whenever we possibly can!  It’s important to us to help out our photography community as well as keeping up with industry standards. Over the past 7+ years, we’ve learned the good, the bad and the really hard lessons that running your own business can teach you, and we want to help out fellow professionals and even those just starting out, to not make the mistakes we made and how to run a successful photography business!



Wedding Day Mentorship $1500

The Wedding Day Mentorship will consist of 3 separate days.

Day One:
A one-hour consultation to go over the timeline for your couple, the possible hurdles we’ll face throughout the day and any suggestions that you can take back to your couple to make for the day.

Day Two:
Ryan will spend the entire wedding day with you.  He will observe, help out when needed and take note of everything you’re doing GREAT, as well as aspects that you can work on throughout your wedding day process.

Day Three:
A two-hour consultation to go over your final images/deliverables to the couple, and to offer constructive criticism towards everything observed on the wedding day.


One-on-One Business Coaching $450

If you’re in a place in your business where you are just starting out, or even if you’re a seasoned professional that needs a little reassurance and one-on-one advice/guidance that your business approach is still successful, this is for you!  This is a three-hour coaching session at our studio that will be catered to each individual photographer that inquires. We will evaluate your business strengths/weaknesses, short term goals and long term goals. We will also help to create a plan to keep you focused on creating/maintaining your successful business.